Integrity Commission


Public Education Unit Overview

Public Education is one of the main activities  in achieving the primary role and responsibility of the Integrity Commission to promote integrity, honesty and good faith in public life within the Turks and Caicos Islands. The Integrity Commission’s major functions are derived from the Constitution, the Integrity Commission Ordinance and the Political activities Ordinance.







The objectives of Public education and awareness are:

  • To increase national awareness about the standards of behavior that are expected by Persons in Public Life and those exercising Public Functions guided by the Constitution, the Code of Conduct Handbook, Integrity Commission Ordinance and Political Activities Ordinance.
  • To develop a communication strategy/plan as an essential component for eradicating corruption and promoting integrity.
  • To identify main areas for strengthening nation-wide awareness for the promotion of integrity and intolerance to corruption through a sound Communication plan.
  • To conduct training with key stakeholders (Civil Service, Declarants, Private Sector, Service Clubs/NGO’s etc.) in the main functions of the Integrity Commission.
  • To explore the dynamics of developing key messages for targeted audiences through various media modalities

Various communication channels which will be used, are print, posters, billboards, direct mail, electronic mail, web, radio and television broadcasts, social media, personal communication through Public Education Seminars, Board Meetings and Special events.

The audience to be reached are Specified Persons in Public Life/Declarants, the Media, Public Service – All Ministries and Departments, Statutory Bodies; the Private Sector- the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), Religious Groups/Denominations, Service Clubs, Special or vulnerable groups, the Education sector, including all schools, Civil Service -persons other than specified persons in public life including ancillary staff  and migrants.

Goals for the target audience are:

  • To assist with the preparation and development of a programme of public education with a view to assisting persons in public life to be compliant with the requirements of the Integrity Commission Ordinance and the code of conduct.
  • To promote integrity, honesty and good faith in public life in TCI by increasing awareness of the Code of Conduct for Persons in Public Life  and the Intehrity Commission Ordinance 0f 2008 by all persons residing in the Turks and Caicos Islands
  • To develop anti-corruption programme and organize events that targets the grass roots levels incorporating the public service, Non-government and private entities, Education sector and media
  • To build strategic partnerships and engage with the media, civil society, religious organizations and other public and private sector linkages to spread and promote the message of transparency, accountability and public intolerance for corruption at all levels

Public Education awareness is an essential component in stimulating dialogue, thought processors and dispelling myths about the Integrity Commission and its mandate to promote integrity, honesty and good faith in public life.  Awareness is the foundation to behaviour change and can provide the impetus for maximizing and uplifting ethical standards, commitment, respect in public service and minimizing corruption.  It is therefore critical that integrity information is disseminated thoroughly to transform knowledge, behaviours, attitudes, perceptions and values towards corruption.






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