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Notice to Complainant

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Whistleblower Protection

The ‘Whistleblower Protection’ provisions outlined in the Integrity Commission Ordinance provide for protected disclosures. These provisions were designed to engender a culture of reporting genuine cases of wrongdoing in the public sector and to ensure that persons who make such complaints/reports to the Commission or to other relevant authorities do not suffer any detriment or are otherwise penalized for doing so. A Public Official who makes a complaint/ report about another public official is protected under these provisions. These provisions are outlined in Section 58D of the Integrity Commission Ordinance (link).

Complaints in Good Faith:

All complaints received by the Commission are accepted on the basis that they were submitted in good faith. Any person who maliciously makes a false allegation or maliciously provides false information against a public official commits a criminal offense under the Integrity Commission Ordinance. This offense is punishable by either fine or imprisonment or both.