Integrity Commission


Declaration Process

Every two years, on or before the end of June, specified persons in public life as per Schedule 1 are required to submit declarations in Form 1 of the Integrity Commission Ordinance setting out: - offices, Income/ Assets/Liabilities, assets of spouse, children or relative traceable to the income of the specified person in public life and gifts made exceeding one thousand dollars (US$1,000), in accordance with section 61 of the Ordinance.

Under Section 39(2), every person who becomes a person in public life shall within ninety (90) days from the date he or she becomes a person in public life, file a full declaration referred to in Section 39(5). Where a person in public life ceases to hold public office as included in the Schedule 1 of the Ordinance must, in accordance with Section 39(1) (b) of the Ordinance, make a declaration within ninety (90) days of ceasing to be a person in public life.

The Commission must examine every declaration furnished to it and may request from the declarant any information or explanation relevant to a declaration made, which in its opinion, would assist it in its examination. Only the Commission or its staff so authorized may request such information or explanation.

Under Section 46(5) where upon examinations the Commission is satisfied that a declaration has been fully made and all questions satisfactorily answered, it shall forward to the person in public life a certificate of compliance in Form 4 set out in Schedule 2 of the Ordinance.

All declarations must be delivered in person and on receipt; the declarant must sign a register indicating their particulars in respect of name, contact details, date and time delivered.

In handling all declarations, the Commission adheres to strict confidentially and security procedures in line with its statutory obligations.  Those who are required to file declarations with the Commission can therefore be assured that information provided is treated with the upmost sensitivity and that the security of this information is of paramount importance.

Declarations must be delivered in person solely by the declarant. Any declarations delivered through the use of third parties will not be accepted.



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