Integrity Commission


Political Financial Activities

The Political Activities Ordinance which came into force on the 28th August 2012, placed the responsibility for ensuring political parties and candidates comply with their respective legal obligations under the Ordinance with the Integrity Commission.  The Commission therefore established a Political Financial Activities Unit (PFAU) to undertake this function and this Unit has been operational since Monday 27 August 2012.

The main focus for the PFAU is to receive, analyse and publish information about party donations and campaign spending at elections and monitor compliance with the law.  It also formulates guidance for those we regulate on good practice in order to comply with the Political Activities Ordiance.  In addition, the PFAU will deal with issues concerning compliance and breaches of the Ordinance.

The Commission seeks to ensure consistency of approach and that all parties and candidates are treated fairly.  The Commission aims to secure compliance by assisting the parties and candidates understand the requirements of the Ordinance and get it right from the outset as opposed to simply taking enforcement action after things go wrong.  To achieve this, the Commission acts proactively and provides periodic Guidance Notes to help achieve clarification and compliance in key areas.

One of the main objectives of the Commission is to establish and maintain transparency and integrity of party election finance on behalf of the public of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  We therefore prepare and publish Registers and Reports concerning political donations and expenditure.



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