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28, Feb 2023 ,


Vacancy Announcement: Director, Turks and Caicos Islands Integrity Commission





27th February 2023

Vacancy Announcement

Director, Turks and Caicos Islands Integrity Commission

 The Turks and Caicos Islands Integrity Commission invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the position of Director.

 Primary Responsibilities:

 The appointee will

a.      have the overall responsibility of the day-to-day administration of the Integrity Commission’s offices;

  1. manage, supervise and assist personnel in ensuring that the Commission effectively and efficiently discharges its mandate as an anti-corruption agency and an institution protecting good governance, through:

(i)      the promotion of Integrity, Honesty and Good Faith in Public Life of the TCI;

(ii)    the robust implementation of, and compliance with, the provisions of the Constitution of the Turks and Caicos Islands, The Integrity Commission Ordinance and integrated Codes of Conduct for Persons in Public Life, The Political Activities Ordinance, The Bribery Ordinance, and to the extent relevant to the Commission, such other Ordinances that the Commission may be mandated to implement and oversee.

 Other Key Responsibilities:

The appointee will also be expected to –

·       Oversee and sustain the systems and procedures of the Commission for its continuing effectiveness and efficiency, and where necessary, develop new ones;

·       Oversee the policies and strategies of the Commission, and develop, as necessary, new ones aimed at strengthening the Integrity Commission’s anti-corruption efforts, and ensuring its sustainability;

·       Oversee the asset declaration and compliance screening processes, ensuring due process, management and administration in accordance with the requirements of the Ordinance;

·       Oversee the investigative process ensuring the proper investigation of allegations of fraud, financial crimes, corruption and misconduct within the TCI Public Service;

·       Support TCI government departments and public bodies in the implementation of anti-corruption measures and best practices, and, to continually enhance the ethical work environment within the TCI’s Public Service;

·       Oversee the proper management and maintenance of a fit-for-purpose computer and information communication/technology system;

·       Ensure the security of the Commission’s offices and all of its assets, whether on or off the premises, including but not limited to computer and other IT equipment and infrastructure, manuals and electronic files;

·       Prepare and present the Commission’s annual budget to the Ministry of Finance and the relevant Committees of the TCI House of Assembly;

·       Ensure the proper management of the Commission’s finances within the framework of the TCI’s Public Finance Management and accountability ordinances.

Professional Qualifications and Experience:

The successful candidate will – 

·       preferably hold a Master’s Degree or its equivalent, and professional certifications in either law, law enforcement, accountancy, auditing, management or public administration or similar;

·       preferably have a minimum of 12 years professional experience in law, law enforcement, accountancy, auditing, general management or public administration, including at least five (5) years at a senior managerial level;

·       preferably have gained overseas work experience, ideally in the British Overseas Territories, or experience in working closely in other cultural settings.

Key Competencies and Other Desirable Qualities:

The successful candidate should –

·       possess and demonstrate the highest standards of integrity, probity and understanding of fiduciary responsibilities to the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands;

·       have proven knowledge of public sector anti-corruption issues, policies and practices;

·       have knowledge and understanding of global anti-corruption and good governance laws and regulations and ethical codes;

·       have knowledge of current “best practices” in ethics and compliance programs, policies and procedures;

·       have good knowledge of investigative strategies, principles and methods;

·       demonstrate excellent inter-personal relationships and management skills, respect for confidentiality, discretion and tact, conflict resolution skills, and the ability to lead a specialist, multi-disciplinary team working to tight deadlines, often in the difficult and challenging circumstances of a small island environment;

·       demonstrate suitability for a role that involves driving forward good governance, integrity and anti-corruption messages in the sensitive political and fragile financial milieu of a small British Overseas Territory;

·       demonstrate the ability to rapidly attain a good knowledge and appreciation of TCI law as it pertains to corruption and integrity in public life, and a willingness to subscribe to and champion the vision and mission of the Commission, and to articulate its policies and values in the public fora.



Term of Contract

This Director’s contract will be for a two-year period.  There may be an option for renewal subject to satisfactory completion and to such terms as may be mutually agreed.



An annual basic salary will be paid in the range of $110,000 to $121,000, depending upon the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. An annual housing allowance of $14,400 will also be paid.


The Director may be based at the Commission’s Office in Grand Turk or Providenciales. Wherever based the Director will have to visit the other office with regularity.

Special Requirements under S. 39 of the Integrity Commission Ordinance

The successful candidate who is appointed to this post will be required to subscribe to an oath of secrecy. They will also be required to file with the Governor, a Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities, for themselves, their spouse and their dependent children, pursuant to section 39 of the Integrity Commission Ordinance.



For the safety of all staff and the general public, all staff of the Integrity Commission are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Application Deadline and Procedure 

Applications, accompanied with a Cover Letter outlining why the Candidate believes he/she should be considered for the position of Director, should be submitted by email ONLY, to

The Deadline for the Submission of Applications is 24th March 2023

Please note that only applicants selected for an interview will be notified.

Belongers need only apply. A copy of the job application should be sent to the TCI Labour Board. This position is currently held by a work permit holder.

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