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3, Aug 2022 ,


Press Release - Behaviour Change Seminar (BCS) – Follow-Up (FU) 20th to 24th June

The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), Integrity Commission (IC) in working towards promoting integrity, honesty and good faith in public life continued its Behavioural Change Seminar ~Follow-Up initiative with Consultant Dr. Everold Hossein (Senior Communication Advisor/Consultant, World Health Organization (WHO) Communication Consultant to UNICEF, et al), and  a subset of the eighteen (18) participants trained in November 2021 from across the public sector, who attended despite their busy schedules.

 The group continued to zero in on mindsets, and specific behavioural outcomes with desired end-results in relation to anti-corruption and transitioning from knowing to doing what is right.

By their involvement, the participantss further developed and transferred their skills in applying the ten-step communication for behavioural impact approach to designing a strategic communication plan. This plan focused on behavioural impact regarding reducing corruption in the Turks and Caicos, given our culture, values and beliefs. Participants and the Consultant visited and engaged in conversations with various departments and stakeholders- using specialized communication tools learned during the seminar last November.  This Integrated Marketing Communication for Behavioural Impact, Follow-Up Behaviour Change Seminar has successfully completed a draft Communication Plan with the assistance of public servants and some stakeholders who participated in some informal interviews.


We wish to thank the Consultant; Dr. Everold Hosein, all participants, Revenue Control Unit for the use of their Conference room, and participation of some civil servants in the informal interviews; as well as specialized stakeholders in Education, Department of Statistics and the public for their kind assistance and contribution towards this draft behavioural plan. The next steps anticipated are for the Draft Plan to be presented to the Commissioners for approval and implementation which we hope to take place over the upcoming year.



Dr. Everold Hossein (center) and BCS~FU Team


Left to Right: Imterniza McCartney, Agnes Kendall, Dr. Hossein, Jean Been, Richard Been.

Back row: Paul Lewis, Randy Ellis, Calvin Chase, and Deandra Dames.


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